• The industry leader
    The industry leader
  • От учета и управления – к реновации трубопроводов и систем водоочистки
    От учета и управления – к реновации трубопроводов и систем водоочистки
    • Инновационные нетканые материалы для санации трубопроводов
    • Фильтры и фильтровальные материалы
    • Нетканые материалы специального назначения
  • Modern accounting meters
    Modern accounting meters
  • ready-to-operate ASKUE (Automatic system for commercial accounting of power consumption)
    "Vodopribor Accounting" is an automated system for acquiring and processing data on metering energy consumption on a scale from a single building to an entire region
  • Our projects on the map
    Our projects on the map
    • Kaluga region – regional project
    • Leningrad region - regional project
    • Moscow Region - at the level of residential quarters

About the Plant

Vodopribor Plant was founded in 1892. Over its more than 125 years of existence, the company has turned from a repair shop at the Alekseyevskaya pumping station into an advanced production centre ensuring steady production of highest quality products and continuously generating new ideas. Today the plant is an up-to-date, prosperous production unit, focused on success and effective interaction with its business partners.

Vodopribor Plant provides a comprehensive solution to the problems of housing and communal services - from manufacturing to commissioning of water supply and water disposal systems.


Consultation on services

Managers of the company will be happy to answer your questions and calculate the cost of services and prepare an individual commercial offer.
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The company specializes in providing a wide range of services to both corporate clients and individuals. Professionalism and responsibility are key advantages of our company.

The Vodopribor plant renders services in design and production of knots of the commercial accounting of water.
"Vodopribor accounting" is a flexible wireless radio system for collecting and processing data for integrated metering of energy consumption (both general and apartment-based), allowing to solve almost any task of organizing the accounting of consumed resources
Testing laboratory of Vodopribor Plant has the necessary base for testing the products of machine-building profile
Verification is carried out by highly qualified specialists of FBU "Rostest-Moscow" on modern testing equipment of the Vodopribor Plant.
Buying the products of Vodopribor Plant is a good decision, as it has been serving for decades. For example, the life span of our valve is more than 50 years.